A Multi-Restaurant Solution

Manage your restaurant chain or dispersed outlets right from a single location

A Multi-Restaurant Solution
Note: The below features are now available with eZee Optimus restaurant POS software only.

What features do I get with eZee Head Office Module?

Sync Information for Smooth Administration

The Head Office module makes it easy for restaurateurs to sync sales receipts, order indents, GRN, purchase order, menu items and store items. Leading to a better view of operations of all the connected restaurants, sync between these will alleviate the restaurant owner’s work by simultaneously updating all the details with a small change in one. With details of transactions and other reports of your remotely located franchises altogether at one place, you can define in advance when and what to sync allowing for better control and flow of information.

One-Stop Supervision

Manage and even perform all the key operations of all your outlets from a single location. Whether you want to push the menu items, or other menu item updates to a single location or all, you can do it straight from the Head Office Module.

Dashboard View

The centralized dashboard view gives the team quick information for all the tasks created and downloaded to the head office, thus keeping the user updated with any fresh changes or transactions happening at the disparate locations.

Handle User Access

Restaurants can determine the user access based on the departments and as per the tasks assigned. This gives better control over flow of information with all your crucial data safeguarded from unauthorized access and less discrepancies.

To know what features eZee Optimus POS software has for the restaurant chains, you can visit the page here.

eZee Optimus POS system for restaurant chains

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