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The support and backup is above par excellence, proud and most privileged to be associated with eZee

HiFin Solutions has been associated as a reseller of eZee Technosys since its inception in 2006, We have over the years seen products from eZee Technosys evolve from inception stage to a full-fledged solution now considered as a market leader here in Kenya. For a reseller thousands of miles away who places their business reputation and integrity with numerous clients solely and depending on the principal they represent and expecting full devotion in providing dynamic backup, At the same time protecting the reseller's reputation at all times, that's what we have experienced and gained from the eZee Team. We feel we our reputation is in the safest of hands. From the CEO to the whole team, the support and backup is above par excellence, working with the eZee team has opened up several opportunities for HiFin Solutions that we would not have found otherwise. What a pleasure offering a solution to clients that really works and backed up. In conclusion there is no greater feeling to resell and represent a product when the most assuring part is that the principal who we represent listens to ideas and are ready to take on new innovations. We are proud and most privileged to be associated with eZee Technosys as their reseller in Kenya.

HiFin Technosys Ltd. Imtiyaz Adamjee,
HiFin Technosys Ltd., Kenya.
Partner Since 2006

HiFin Technosys Ltd.
NPK Technologies Ltd

The company shares our passion for customer satisfaction and high quality products

"At Npk Technologies we believe customer satisfaction and their value for money, if our customer is happy with our services then we are a billions times happier. Our service delivery is uniquely tailored through listening and understanding customer needs, commitment to deliverables, Our Experience and After Sales Support.
Finding a company which shares the same belief with us was not an easy task but everything changed when I met with Mr. Vipul Kapoor (one of the Directors of eZee), We have come to conclude that eZee is the one of the easiest company to deal with and responsible company to the needs of its partners and the customers in general. 5 years and counting, we have never regretted in collaborating with eZee Technosys."

- Andrew Muga,
NPK Technologies Ltd.,
Dares Salaam, Tanzania.
Partner Since 2007

NetSys Computers Ltd

eZee delivers flexible products and choice to our clients in the industry.

eZee has products that have the ability to deliver flexibility and variety of choices to clients especially to the hospitality industry. After evaluating different hospitality software packages, we found a package that truly served the needs of our clients. For the first time in Rwanda, there is hospitality software that is completely automated and provides all the information right on our fingertips. eZee products does accounting, reporting, management, stock control and much more and significantly reduced the paper work in the business.
The managers have full control over the entire business in real time; generating reports is one of the most sought after feature which management or managers look for in software and eZee is able to deliver that with a simple click of a button, which is just brilliant. Overall, eZee’s service and commitment to excellence and professionalism has been a leading factor in our success. Keep up the good work.

- Jude Joseph,
NetSys Computers Ltd.,
Kigali, Rwanda
Partner Since 2012

Apples of Gold Consulting Limited

eZee has helped us to grow exponentially in the tourism marketing in Nigeria

"Apples of Gold Consulting Limited is a brand that has enjoyed continued support from eZee technosys as part of eZee's global team of partners. Having identified a huge potential market for eZee products in Nigeria, we have continued to market to strategic client segments.
It is pertinent to note that the seamless business process of eZee has made our efforts remarkable. Our team continues to create new sub-resellers and marketing partnerships to drive desired market growths in Nigeria. We have strong faith in our products and we believe that the synergy of both companies will continue to meet the needs of the hospitality Industry.
Feedback is crucial for business success and eZee Technosys has shown committment in this area both to us as partners and to clients as well.
It is our hope that new products will continue to emerge from our synergy with the aim of extendiing frontiers into other sectors given the success of the eZee brand in the hospitality sector. "

- Mr. Seun Onakoya,
Apples of Gold Consulting Limited, Nigeria.
Partner Since 2010

Micromon Business Technology Ltd.

eZee products are customer centric making them easy to promote in the market

"It's been such a wonderful experience in promoting eZee FrontDesk and other related products in my region. My experience is that the software is very stable and well thought out. Every hotel that i have demonstrated the software to appreciates its comprehensive nature and all the added benefits that come with it.
However, the major challenge has to do with the cost of the software. A lot of the hotels understand that eZee is what they need to efficiently manage their properties but finds the cost very expensive for their budget. Most people also don't understand why all the modules needs to be paid for. I sometimes seems to understand this customer concerns because a lot of the hotels in Ghana are budget hotels and finds investing huge sums of money into software as very expensive. Its not much of a problem when you are dealing with the new hotels because they factor this cost into their budget from the start. I will therefore appreciate it very much if something can be done about pricing especially for my region.
In conclusion I can state that eZee FrontDesk and eZee BurrP! are great products for the hospitality industry and I am proud to be very much associated with it. I will like to be part of eZee for as long as possible."

- Kwabena Mantey,
Micromon Business Technology Ltd., Ghana.
Partner since 2008

Hospitality Technology Ltd.

eZee possess excellent grasping power of both strategic and tactical knowledge required for the industry

"I have known and worked with eZee for years. eZee is having a factual professional, with an excellent grasping power of both strategic and tactical knowledge requires for any industry. eZee team is also extraordinarily knowledgeable about their each single hospitality product and the strengths and their importance for one client or reseller. I must say, without the help of eZee 24X7 Support desk we could not be able to cover Thailand market selling eZee Hospitality IT solutions. As of now we have number of clients based in Thailand it self and all credit goes to eZee support and their technical staff who are ready for any solutions and support round the clock! Once again, it's all about my pleasure to have eZee Products as one of our company's hospitality solutions part."

- Pat Chochuwong,
Philus Limited,
Partner Since 2006

KCV Group

Having complete suites of solutions for the hospitality solutions, help us to reach the entire market segment in the industry.

"eZee has helped us build and maintain our customer base by providing us with powerful suite of solutions giving us a distinct competitive advantage in the market. Having complete suites of solutions for the hospitality solutions, help us to reach the entire market segment in the industry. Everyone at eZee are easy to work with and provide exceptional support, the team is extremely dedicated in helping us in every way possible. Making sure that it is not only us who benefit but also our clients get the best experience.
I would like to give personal thanks to everyone at eZee Malaysia, who have been more than helpful and hope to continue this path of success for the comings years."

- Dion Satrio Nugroho,
KCV Group,
Partner Since 2010

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